The Department of Health Abu Dhabi is pleased to announce the successful completion of the TANSEEQ 2020, residency match process and herewith we are publishing the list of matched Fellows/ Medical Residents/ Dental Residents/ Pharmacy Residents and interns to the various specialties and hospitals across Abu Dhabi. To view the results Click Here


Family and School Health Program

The DoH Schools for Health Program is focused on improving the health and well-being of school students in Abu Dhabi, and is conducted in partnership with schools, parents, teachers and the healthcare sector.

The link between health and education is well-established; healthy children learn better and achieve more. Working closely with education and healthcare professionals, we are committed to making schools healthy places to learn, work and play, which will in turn improve the health and learning outcomes for the children and young people attending these schools.

The key objectives of the program are

  • 01To promote the health and well-being of children and adolescents.
  • 02To improve access to appropriate school health services.
  • 03To establish healthy behaviors in children and adolescents that can be followed throughout their lives.

Current initiatives include:

  • 01Vaccinations
  • 02Child Nutrition
  • 03Health Screening School Health Data Reporting

For more information on our Schools Program, click here.

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Family and School Health Program


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