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During UAE Government’s regular media briefing on COVID-19: Fines, administrative penalties remain in place against violators

27 Jun, 2020: The UAE government today announced that more than 52,527 additional Covid-19 tests were conducted among UAE citizens and residents, resulting in the detection of 378 new cases, taking the total number of infections in the country to 47,360.

This was announced during the UAE government’s regular media briefing wherein Amna Al Dahak Al Shamsi, official spokesperson of the UAE Government, and Salem Al Zaabi, Acting Director of the Federal Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Prosecution, provided an update on Covid-19 related developments and the measures taken to reduce its impact.

"With the gradual return to normalcy, the responsibility is now more on UAE citizens and residents to comply with the instructions and measures aimed at ensuring the continued success of all the efforts made. The UAE’s wise leadership continues to provide the necessary means to combat Covid-19," said Al Shamsi. 

She noted an additional 365 individuals have fully recovered from Covid-19, bringing the total number of recoveries to more than 35,834, with a total of 11,215 individuals still being treated, most of whom are in stable condition. 

She also announced the death of one individual as a result of Covid-19 complications, taking the total number of fatalities in the country to 311. 

Dr. Al Shamsi expressed her sincere condolences to the families of the deceased and wished current Covid-19 patients a speedy and full recovery. 

For his part, Al Zaabi said the tireless efforts of UAE citizens and residents and their commitment to fighting the pandemic helped with the completion of the National Disinfection Programme. He stressed the necessity of the public continuing to abide by all precautionary measures. 

"The Federal Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Prosecution is collaborating with the relevant authorities to find any violations of the current precautionary measures, to ensure that all members of society remain committed to stemming the spread of the Covid-19." he said. 

"Since completion of the National Disinfection Programme, the relevant authorities have observed a significant increase in the number violations of the preventative measures." 

These violations, he continued, include failing to ensure safety distance norms; failing to wear masks; and organising gatherings in public and private places. "Such reckless behavior will work against the preventative measures, which have been so important in helping to control the spread of the virus," he added, warning that violators will be subject to legal accountability and will be fined as per the law. 

"Gatherings in public and in private places as well as in houses, farms and estates is prohibited," he said, and added that family visits should be confined to first degree relatives and physical distancing norms should be maintained at all times, especially when around elderly people and those suffering chronic diseases, he added. 

He emphasised the necessity of wearing medical or cotton masks in all closed places, means of public transport, commercial centers as well as while walking in densely populated open areas, and private means of transport. He also called for wearing masks at workplaces and when moving from one place to another inside labour camps in addition to ensuring adequate distancing in public places, commercial centers, restaurants, swimming pools and beaches, and other similar venues. 

He stressed the need for patients with Covid-19 to be committed to ensuring they remain within their home or facility quarantine, as well as repeating tests as per the instructions from the concerned health authorities, calling on them to download the TraceCovid app. "Failing to abide by these rules will result in legal action and fines," he affirmed. 

"As per the Attorney General’s decision, the fine will be doubled for those found to be repeating the violation. Third time offenders will be subject to legal action and could face imprisonment for a period of up to six months and an increased fine of AED100,000." 

"The completion of the National Disinfection Programme is a significant step towards the end of this crisis," he said, calling on the public to continue to abide by all of the UAE’s preventative measures. 

Concluding the briefing Al Shamsi said; "As we are gradually returning to normal, it is the responsibility of every citizen and resident to continue to follow precautionary measures to ensure the safety and well-being of society. The completion of the National Disinfection Programme does not mean a full return to normality, but it is rather a cautious and gradual return with the advised precautionary measures. Everyone in the UAE, with the help of the state departments, has to take full responsibility to protect all citizens and residents of the UAE." 

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