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Transforming the way healthcare is delivered Across Abu Dhabi.

20, Jan 2020

Project Cardiologic is in its prototype phase now!

Delivering solutions by adopting new ways of thinking and working.

18, Nov 2019

Project My Health Coach is launched.

Accelerating innovative digital solutions through proven methodology and rapid prototyping.

7, Apr 2019

CVA is up and running!

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What is the AI Lab?

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab by the DoH aims to foster a new culture, mindset and ways of working for innovators in healthcare. It provides a medium for fueling innovation and coaching idea-owners and innovation teams in bringing their ideas to fruition.

The AI Lab is a safe space for co-creation, allowing the people of Abu Dhabi to develop and test innovative ideas infused with the latest technologies and aligned with Abu Dhabi's technology and innovation agenda. It is a collaborative initiative realized through a partnership between academic institutions, technology leaders, innovation-driven enterprises and government entities.


To transform

the way healthcare is delivered across Abu Dhabi by using innovation and research to create sustainable solutions. To promote a culture of innovation and inspire cross-industrial collaboration. To accelerate innovative digital solutions through proven methodology and rapid prototyping.


Abu Dhabi

at the heart of Artificial Intelligence and global innovation in healthcare.

Our Working Principles

Adaptability: Inspection and feedback

We continuously assess the quality of the product we're building, our plan, and the effectiveness of our processes. That understanding enables us to adapt or make changes to the product design, plan, and process.


Our innovative solutions bring about long-term gains.


We take responsibility as a team. We self-organize in a way that helps us keep our commitments. We understand that we collectively share goals.


Simplifying processes and eliminating redundant work increases productivity.


We're open and transparent about the way we work and make decisions. We keep the basis for our decisions, work, and progress visible at all times.

Relentlessly innovate

Innovation knows no bounds at the AI Lab.


For the DoH

Create cutting-edge, sustainable healthcare solutions with the latest technologies to improve the quality of healthcare delivered.

Realize the DoH strategy by driving down costs, and via control of healthcare expenditure through innovative solutions.


For the people
of Abu Dhabi

Empower the people of Abu Dhabi to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Improved patient experience.

Support providers and healthcare partners with innovative solutions to help improve efficiency and accuracy of care delivered.

Promote a culture of innovation amongst the people of Abu Dhabi.

Driving innovation

Innovation knows no bounds at the AI Lab.


  • Embrace diversity
  • Embrace tradition


  • Talent development
  • Entrepreneurial leadership
  • Knowledge pool of healthcare SMEs

Physical space

  • Safe place to innovate
  • Stands out
  • Promotes co-creation


  • Enablers to drive innovation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Other emerging technologies


  • Lean
  • Agile
  • Design thinking

AI Lab Approach

The AI and innovation lab process ensures that the solutions being developed are cutting-edge and human-centric.



In promoting a culture of innovation and advancement, the output of this phase includes generating a list of human-centric, innovative solutions.



Shortlisted ideas are developed into more tangible prototypes, built on feedback from actual end-users and a compelling user story.



A select few ideas are further developed and tested in order to create robust Proofs of Concept that provide a clear vision of the solution and its most desirable effects.

Our Process

AI and Innovation Strategic Lab Pillars

Innovation at the lab will be focused
on four key areas:

Wellness and prevention

Promote health and wellness through awareness, engagement and prevention programs.

Chronic disease management

Provide personalized care that will help patients prevent and manage their conditions.

Clinical care

Deliver world-class healthcare that is accurate, reliable and accessible to all.

Regulatory management

Improve the way in which care is delivered across the emirate through the use of technology.

Have a great idea that will make the future better?

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Have an idea for an innovative healthcare solution?
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We're so excited to hear about your idea!
Can you tell us a few more details about it?
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