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Healthcare facilities are required to complete the Training Programme on Abu Dhabi Healthcare Guidelines for Health Media & Advertising System as mentioned in circular number 26/2023, for more information Click Here

DOH urges all healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities & Health professional to Adhere to the circular number(63\2021) by updating the details of the mobile number & e-mail address in order to receive all circulars & letters issued by DOH, for more information Click Here



Through this service, healthcare professionals can report any suspected Adverse Reaction (AR), Medication Error (ME) and Adverse Event Following Immunization (AEFI) experienced from any of the drug product within the stipulated timeframe as defined in DoH policies, even if reporters are not certain that the particular medicinal product was the cause. Unintended adverse effects, drug abuse, overdose, interaction (including drug-drug and drug-food interactions) and unusual lack of therapeutic efficacy are all considered to be reportable suspected Adverse Reactions (AR).

Furthermore, The pharmacovigilance program also receives medical device (MD) reports of adverse effects, harms, and all problems that result from the use of medical devices, including issues related to manufacturing quality, from healthcare professionals, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, or the person in charge of placing the device in market .

Pharmacovigilance Reporting

In addition through this service you can report any drug or medicinal product that is suspected to have a quality problem; Suspect counterfeits, Product contamination, Poor packaging, Product mix-up, Labeling concerns, Therapeutic failures.

Process description

Option 1: (Online Reporting)

  • Click here to access the e-Notification system
  • Log in using your facility account information
  • Select notification then Pharmacovigilance then select type of report
  • Fill out all the required information
  • Click ‘’Submit “

Option 2: (Email)

1. Click one of the below PDF forms

Note: in order to fill the forms, you need version 7 or newer versions from Adobe Reader, click here to install the latest.

2. Fill out all the required information
3. Send a copy of the completed form to the following email address PVE@doh.gov.ae .


Drug Shortage Reporting

Through this service, concerned stakeholders including hospitals, pharmacies and drug suppliers are required to report all anticipated and /or actual drug shortages to HAAD immediately in order to avert and mitigate the problem.

Process description

  1. Click here to download the Drug Shortage Reporting Form.
  2. Send the Reporting Form through e-mail address: drugshortage@doh.gov.ae 
  3. DoH will work closely with the drug suppliers, manufacturers & health care facilities to identify root causes of the reported shortages and fill any gaps in the supply chain to ensure ease of access and availability of necessary medicines to all residents of Abu Dhabi.

Narcotic and Controlled Drugs Consumption Reporting

Through this service, Facility’s Narcotic in-charge should submit the consumption report for controlled drugs on a monthly basis and quarterly for narcotic drugs.

Process description:

Send the filled report to DoH through e-mail address: cdreport@doh.gov.ae

Narcotic and Controlled Drug Incident Report

Through this service, Facility’s Narcotic in charge should report to DoH any lost/broken ampoules; or any narcotic or controlled drugs incidences.

Process description

  • Click here to download the Narcotic/ Controlled Drug Incident Report Form.
  • Enclose and submit the required documents as required.

Send the form to DoH Narcotic officer within 48 hours through e-mail address: cdreport@doh.gov.ae

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Last updated: 16 Jun 2024

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