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Healthcare facilities are required to complete the Training Programme on Abu Dhabi Healthcare Guidelines for Health Media & Advertising System as mentioned in circular number 26/2023, for more information Click Here

DOH urges all healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities & Health professional to Adhere to the circular number(63\2021) by updating the details of the mobile number & e-mail address in order to receive all circulars & letters issued by DOH, for more information Click Here

Malaffi, (Arabic for 'my file') is the region’s first Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform and a key strategic initiative of the Department of Health - Abu Dhabi (DoH). It was launched in 2019 as a key component of the digital transformation of the healthcare system in Abu Dhabi. Malaffi seeks to improve the quality of care and patient outcomes and to ensure the health and wellbeing of all members of the community, thus contributing in positioning Abu Dhabi as a world-class destination for healthcare.

Malaffi is operated by Abu Dhabi Health Data Services - Sole Proprietorship LLC (ADHDS), established as a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH). ADHDS is a M42 company, an Abu Dhabi-based, global tech-enabled healthcare company operating at the forefront of medical advancement.

By connecting over 2700 facilities in Abu Dhabi, every medical interaction a person has, from a routine check-up, consultation or emergency treatment to laboratory tests or radiology images, is now collated in their personal file, with their medical history safely and securely stored and instantly accessible when needed.

By providing instant access to the patient's longitudinal medical file, Malaffi empowers healthcare professionals to make better-informed and more efficient clinical decisions, enhances coordination and avoids unnecessary duplication of tests and procedures and predicts the level of risk for an individual patient to develop certain chronic diseases or suffer an acute event.

Malaffi is noted as one of the fastest-implemented HIEs globally. Boasting unique features such as predictive patient risk profiles, radiology image exchange and a Patients' Health Portal, Malaffi is one of the most advanced HIE platforms in the world.

Malaffi is integrated with the National Unified Medical Record (NUMR) program Riayati and Nabidh, further supporting the delivery of an integrated health system for citizens across the UAE.

Through the Malaffi Health Portal, patients can also have secure and convenient access to their centralised medical records in Malaffi. The Portal is available as a mobile app, on the Apple and Google Play and as a web-based platform. When a patient has access to their health records, this will help them be more engaged in managing their health. It also helps strengthen the relationship with their doctor by enabling more meaningful conversations to achieve better health outcomes.

For more information please visit: https://malaffi.ae







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Last updated: 23 Jul 2024

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