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Healthcare facilities are required to complete the Training Programme on Abu Dhabi Healthcare Guidelines for Health Media & Advertising System as mentioned in circular number 26/2023, for more information Click Here

DOH urges all healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities & Health professional to Adhere to the circular number(63\2021) by updating the details of the mobile number & e-mail address in order to receive all circulars & letters issued by DOH, for more information Click Here

Emphasising Abu Dhabi's recognition of the direct link between climate change and public health, and as a part of their participation at COP28, the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH) and Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre (ADPHC) will host a comprehensive 12-day programme, underscoring the Emirate's acknowledgement of climate change as one of the world's most pressing collective challenges. The programme will feature a series of activities, including panel discussions, a display of sustainable healthcare projects, MoU signings, and award ceremonies.

Tackling the intersection of climate change and public health, the programme will explore the construction of green hospitals, the reduction of the healthcare sector's carbon footprint, and the development of climate-resilient healthcare systems. It will also investigate the impact of climate change on communities, including the rise in natural disasters, air pollution, and vector-borne diseases.

Turning the Tides Against Microplastics

Intersection of Climate Change & Public Health

Our participation at COP28 reflects our commitment to understanding the impact of climate challenges on healthcare while mitigating and preparing for these complex issues.

We aim to provide a platform for experts and partners from the UAE and around the world to exchange ideas and visions supporting crucial concepts like "Green Hospitals" and “Net-Zero healthcare sectors

H.E. Dr. Noura Khamis Al Ghaithi
Undersecretary of Department of Health – Abu Dhabi

H.E Dr. Noura Al Ghaithi, Undersecretary of the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi - DoH

Holistic Approach to Environmental Health

Unveiling initiatives from modelling disease burdens to enhancing
air quality and sustainability ensure a healthier future, protecting against climate challenges.

Sustainability Governance

An aim to guide sustainability efforts across ADPHC and provide a comprehensive overview of leading sustainability management practices, which are aligned with national and international sustainability mandates.

Safety in Heat

ADPHC launched the Safety in Heat program to raise awareness about the procedures that must be implemented for the heat stress management program by employers and supervisors to protect workers from the summer heat in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Micro Plastics

Microplastics are vigorously harming the public health and the environment in which the single use items are directly impacting human health and the pathways of how it enters the body.

Environmental Burden of Disease

The UAE Environmental Burden of Disease Model is a statistical model that allows to estimate the burden of human disease attributable to environmental pollution and climate change.

Indoor Air Quality

An aim to improve public health by reducing emissions and exposure to air pollutants in homes and public places and raising the level of awareness in Abu Dhabi community in relation to indoor air quality and its health impacts.


Stay Updated with COP28 Initiatives:

Stay informed on DoH and ADPHC's initiatives at COP28 throughout the 12 days through the comprehensive daily updates below. These updates will cover a wide range of topics, including panel discussions, sustainable healthcare projects, MoU signings, presentations, and award ceremonies.


DoH and ADPHC unveil Abu Dhabi’s vision for sustainable healthcare at COP28

The Department of Health - Abu Dhabi Announces the Winners of the Emerald Muashir Awards

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Last updated: 23 Jul 2024

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