The Department of Health Abu Dhabi is pleased to announce the successful completion of the TANSEEQ 2020, residency match process and herewith we are publishing the list of matched Fellows/ Medical Residents/ Dental Residents/ Pharmacy Residents and interns to the various specialties and hospitals across Abu Dhabi. To view the results Click Here


Medical Tourism

The Department of Health Abu Dhabi and Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi, have launched the Abu Dhabi Medical Tourism e-portal, a digital platform that provides visitors to Abu Dhabi with all medical offerings and healthcare facilities available throughout the duration of their visit.

‏The e-portal provides a list of 40 healthcare facilities included in the medical tourism network, all of which adhere to the requirements of DOH’s quality framework (JAWDA) program, as well as more than 287 medical treatment packages from over 173 doctors across the Emirate. Through the e-portal, users can also access medical tourism insurance packages, the first of its kind in the region, along with a wide range of touristic services such direct contact with healthcare providers, visa issuance, as well as booking appointments, hotels, transportation and other recreational activities.

‏ DoH is utilising the quality indicators of the JAWDA program to determine the eligibility of healthcare facilities in joining the medical tourism network, to ensure that healthcare network is capable of providing high quality services and unique medical offerings that distinguish it from other healthcare systems. These medical offerings would include advanced heart surgeries, organ transplants, infertility treatments, joint surgeries and medical check ups.

To visit the Abu Dhabi Medical Tourism e-portal, please click the following link: www.health.abudhabi.ae

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