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DOH urges all healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities & Health professional to Adhere to the circular number(63\2021) by updating the details of the mobile number & e-mail address in order to receive all circulars & letters issued by DOH, for more information Click Here

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About The Master Plan

A Healthier Abu Dhabi has significantly developed the healthcare capacity management system. This Healthcare Capacity Master Plan (HCMP), its methodology and the tools and initiatives contained within it, provide both the framework and the Plans that underpin the sustainable development of the Abu Dhabi healthcare system in a way that supports DoH Mission.

DoH HCMP is designed to help Abu Dhabi respond to its current and future healthcare demands, establish a healthcare planning culture and introduce guiding principles and specific plans for healthcare capacity and provision.


increase in beds
since 2016


in abu dhabi


in Abu Dhabi


pharmacies operating
in the Emirate


Medical centers
in Abu Dhabi


decrease in Road
traffic fatalities


Devising the HCMP involved
several key phases, including

Development of an advanced healthcare capacity planning system, utilising new tools at the forefront of healthcare planning technology.

Major analyses to understand the demand for healthcare now and in the future at Emirate, Regional and Precinct level. Interpretting this demand by service type and specialty.

A comprehensive audit of existing and planned healthcare facilities.

Providing Solutions for Multiple Services

This Capacity Master Plan (CMP) provides analyses, solutions and implantation plans to address the capacity issues identified for a range of service types including:

Primary Care

Emergency Care

Outpatient Care

Intensive Care

DoH Capacity Planning Process

  • Supply Culture

    Total amount of health services available to a population

  • Population Analysis

    Understanding the specific health needs to the population

  • Demand Analysis

    Total amount of health services available to a population

  • Gap Analysis

    Current and planned supply compared to project demand


Open Data Portal - Explore The Emirate's most up-to-date health statistics in a visual manner.

Healthcare Facility Survey

DoH created the Healthcare Facility Survey with support from TAHPI. The survey is designed to accurately capture current information on health facilities and services in Abu Dhabi. Please be assured it is not a performance audit.

The results from the survey will be utilised as part of DoH’s capacity planning initiatives, addressing the future health service needs for Abu Dhabi. Survey results are made available to the public, using the Department of Health Public Mapping Tool.

Learn More About Survey

Department of Health Public Map

The Department of Health Public Map has been developed as part of our capacity planning for health services in Abu Dhabi. It is compatible with all common web browsers and enables members of the public to search for information on current and planned healthcare facilities on an interactive map.

Through the map users will be able to find their closest clinic, centre or hospital, view the services it offers.

view interactive map

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