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Department of Health – Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi Public Health Center safeguards the health and wellbeing of the elderly

7 Oct, 2020: A new initiative launched by DoH and Abu Dhabi Public Health center in collaboration with Daman to provide a variety of healthcare services to around 12,000 patients with chronic conditions as part of the Healthcare programme
“Utilizing telehealth services for the elderly and people suffering from chronic diseases.”’

The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH), and the Abu Dhabi Public Health Center in collaboration with National Health Insurance Company – Daman, has launched the pilot phase of a new initiative which aims to provide high-risk individuals in the emirate (including senior citizens and residents above the age of 60 suffering from chronic conditions), with comprehensive healthcare services. The initiative, which is set to benefit around 12,000 patients during the pilot phase, will help participants continue their treatment plans while ensuring their continued health and safety.

In coordination with public and private healthcare facilities, DoH, Abu Dhabi Center of Public Health and Daman is reaching out to target groups to raise awareness on the key benefits of the healthcare services provided through the initiative, including doctor’s remote consultations, remote monitoring and home healthcare. Furthermore, DoH is also helping to coordinate visits to healthcare facilities if the health condition of patients require so.

The first group of targeted individuals were identified by DoH based on DOH and Daman’s risk stratification algorithm, which identifies individuals with serious or chronic illness using a member’s claim history and Daman’s data analytics capabilities.

This initiative is part of DoH and Abu Dhabi Public Health Center  ‘Commnity Healthcare programme for senior citizens suffering from chronic diseases’, which aims to continue the treatment plans for high-risk groups who are more prone to experiencing complications as a result of a COVID-19 infection, in addition to safeguarding the health and wellbeing of society at large.

Dr. Hamed Al Hashemi, Director of Strategic affairs at DoH, said: “The COVID-19 pandemic has presented us with many challenges, however, it has not hindered our efforts to provide all members of society with the healthcare services they need. We have been keen to develop new ways to ensure the availability of continuous and integrated healthcare services and ensure timely access for everyone in the emirate.”

“The elderly and individuals with chronic diseases are our main priority. It is critical that we ensure their health conditions are well monitored and that they continue their treatment plans uninterrupted, especially in light of current restrictions imposed following the pandemic. We are pleased to work alongside the Abu Dhabi Public Health venter and Daman to ensure that the necessary healthcare provisions are made available to the most vulnerable members of our community when they need it the most.”

Hamad Al Mehyas, Chief Executive Officer at National Health Insurance Company – Daman, said: “By implementing a state-of-the-art risk stratification algorithm we have been able to quickly assess millions of data inputs to identify different types of individuals with serious or chronic illnesses who would benefit from a range of new healthcare services that were trialled or implemented at the height of the pandemic, including remote consultations which protects those who would be at increased risk when visiting a medical facility.”

“The algorithm employed takes into account age, gender, comorbidities, complicated malignancies and other relevant factors to assess risks. We are proud to continue our strong and collaborative partnership with DoH and the Abu Dhabi Public Health center on this vital initiative, using our advanced data analytics capabilities that we hope to extend to all patients as we move through the trial phase. It is our mission to ensure integrated care for each patient continues sustainably and safely, and improves upon policies in place before the pandemic.”

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