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DoH boosts the role of Istijaba System for Emergencies and Crisis Management

20 Apr, 2020: The Department of Health Abu Dhabi (DoH) has added new features to Istijaba E-System, the first of its kind in the Middle East, in line with its ongoing efforts to ensure the delivery of world-class and comprehensive healthcare services and provide easy access to locals and residents in Abu Dhabi, especially during these uncertain times.

Through this system, DoH has harnessed cutting-edge technologies to facilitate connectivity between both the public and the private healthcare sector, identify their requirements and efficiently manage its resources, with the aim to further enhance the health and safety of all community members.

H.E Matar Al Nuaimi, Director, Emergency and Disaster Management at DoH said: "The healthcare sector is one of the vital sectors in the emirate and ensuring all-time emergency preparedness is DoH's utmost priority. We continue to work alongside healthcare facilities in the Emirate to take the reins to fight against Covid-19 and employ all the possible resources to further enhance the healthcare services provided and ensure a sustainable and efficient delivery."

"Patients remain at the forefront of DoH's priorities as it strives to continue developing various tools that serves the patients' needs and ensure operational efficiency."  Al Nuaimi added.

Istijaba's new features will enhance cooperation between healthcare facilities through enabling and coordinating resources exchanges as needed, including doctors, nurses, beds, and medical necessities. In addition, healthcare professionals will be able to work in other facilities as needed and provide off-duty healthcare staff with the opportunity to join the emergency and crisis response team.

This system shows real-time information about the capacity of healthcare facilities that provide treatment for positive coronavirus cases, in order to allow better resources allocation and identify gaps based on their requirements.

The system can also provide breakdown details about the total number of available medical staff, the availability of occupied beds inside healthcare facilities and hotels where current patients are located, and self-hygiene medical necessities and medicines, as well as addressing the screenings that were done to detect the virus and other features to facilitate report-generation.

Istijaba E-system that was put in place last year, to gather information on healthcare resources in the Emirate and create a solid database of information. It also provides real-time reports on healthcare resources in the emirate, including the occupancy rates of beds in health facilities, and the availability of medical specialties, which contributes to ensuring that appropriate action is taken to deal with various emergencies.



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