The Department of Health Abu Dhabi is pleased to announce the successful completion of the TANSEEQ 2020, residency match process and herewith we are publishing the list of matched Fellows/ Medical Residents/ Dental Residents/ Pharmacy Residents and interns to the various specialties and hospitals across Abu Dhabi. To view the results Click Here


The Abu Dhabi Health Workforce System receives 4,951 requests since its launch

18 Aug, 2020: The Department of Health-Abu Dhabi (DoH) revealed that the Abu Dhabi Health Workforce Management System has seen a surge in registrations since its launch in April. Over 4,951 clinical staff from across the UAE have registered on the portal to join front-line workers and take part in the fight against COVID-19. 1,662 of the registered individuals have been assigned positions according to their areas of expertise relevant to combating the virus. These specialities include: critical care medicine and nursing, respiratory medicine, ICU paediatrics, medical lab technology and pharmacy.

 DoH highlighted the importance of the portal's role in supporting the healthcare facilities seeking support in the form of more healthcare staff to further aid the healthcare regulator by carrying out their duties on the frontline and contributing to curbing the spread of COVID-19. DoH has issued approximately 2,766 new issue profession licenses for different categories of personnel employed by the healthcare sector.

The portal has received 244 requests thus far from retired healthcare workers who chose to return to medicine to take part in fighting the virus. Emirati nationals accounted for nearly 50% of the total number of applications received.

Shaikha Mohamed Nekhaira Al Dhaheri, Department Manager of Health Workforce Planning at DoH, said: "We are proud of our front-line defence who have sacrificed to join the fight against the virus. Despite all challenges, these medical experts have remained strong to serve the country and its leadership that, in turn, has provided the community with the necessary healthcare resources to combat the virus."

"Health Workforce sustainability and Emiratisation remains at the forefront of our priorities at DoH. This reflects our efforts to continue attracting, training and retaining medical professionals in Abu Dhabi's healthcare sector. DoH dedicates itself to continuously providing sustainable, world-class healthcare services to members of the community during these unprecedented times." added Al Dhaheri.

DoH is currently gearing up for the launch of the third phase of the portal, where several features will be available for both individuals and healthcare facilities, whilst also providing healthcare professionals abroad with the opportunity to join Abu Dhabi's healthcare sector once international travel operations return to normal.

Since the pandemic began, DoH has introduced a new addition to its licensing categories, the Health Professionals Temporary License; to date, more than 2353 new temporary licenses have been issued.

Registered staff must update their personal files on a regular basis to facilitate the communication process and identify available vacancies that match the skillsets and the expertise DoH is seeking.

To register to work in the healthcare sector, please use the following link: https://www.doh.gov.ae/covid-19/Health-Workforce-Management-System

The Abu Dhabi Health Workforce Management System is a digital platform that allows clinical staff from across the UAE to show their support and apply to work for the emirate's healthcare sector.

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