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Department of Health launches Abu Dhabi Healthcare Information and Cyber Security (ADHICS) Standard

2 Mar, 2019: Department of Health—Abu Dhabi (DoH), the regulator of the healthcare sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, has announced the launch of the Abu Dhabi Healthcare Information and Cyber Security (ADHICS) Standard, a first-of-its-kind standard that aims to provide a comprehensive guide to healthcare entities and professionals for the regulation of the healthcare data in Abu Dhabi. The standard ensures highest levels of privacy and security of patients’ data in line with international standards.

  • The new information and cybersecurity standard aims to ensure the privacy and security of patients healthcare information in Abu Dhabi
  • Healthcare facilities are required to meet the standard requirements to be able to integrate within the new ‘Malaffi’ system
  • The standard will be mandatory for licensing healthcare practitioners and facilities )New or Renew)

As per the new standard, healthcare facilities in Abu Dhabi are required to meet all mandatory standards set forth as an initial step towards integrating into the newly launched ‘Malaffi” system for healthcare information exchange.

The standard aims to ensure the confidentiality of patients’ healthcare information as well as protect the integrity, accuracy and quality of the information. It also aims to ensure that the information is readily available and accessible all the time. Additionally, the new standard will help better prepare healthcare facilities to manage challenges such as natural disasters, system failures or denial-of-service attacks.

H.E Mohamed Al Hameli, Undersecretary of Department of Health commented: “DoH places strong emphasis on patient data protection to ensure that confidentiality and security remain at the forefront of all operations. The healthcare sector has been witnessing a transformation that contributes to improving the quality outcomes in the capital. As such, DoH has developed and launched the new Information and Cyber Security standard, in collaboration with healthcare facilities that align with Abu Dhabi healthcare practices."

Al Hameli added: "The new standard sets rigorous criteria for data protection, to ensure data is secure during its creation, maintenance, display, processing, usage, transmission and disposal—which will help strengthen confidence between patients, healthcare providers and government entities. The standard defines governing principles, essential to establish and operate a successful Information Security Program for Abu Dhabi healthcare entities. This includes procedures, technical standards, requirements and desired goals at various levels of a healthcare entities’ maturity, operational complexity and risk environment."

The standard will be mandatory for all healthcare facilities in the public and private sector.

Over the next weeks, DoH will be conducting a series of training workshops for healthcare facilities to guide them on the implementation of the standard and its requirements, as well as address any related inquiries.

Prior to launching the standard, DoH had conducted intensive reviews to identify the standard’s necessary requirements and timeframe for implementation to ensure smooth and effective application.

DoH has mandated that all healthcare facilities in Abu Dhabi must comply with the new standard before 29 February 2020.

For more information about the new standard, visit: ADHICS Standards Final

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