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Healthcare facilities are required to complete the Training Programme on Abu Dhabi Healthcare Guidelines for Health Media & Advertising System as mentioned in circular number 26/2023, for more information Click Here

DOH urges all healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities & Health professional to Adhere to the circular number(63\2021) by updating the details of the mobile number & e-mail address in order to receive all circulars & letters issued by DOH, for more information Click Here

Arab Health 2022

Abu Dhabi's Latest Healthcare Projects

Long COVID Dashboard 
Research study: a significant number of patients who suffered from COVID-19 infection are complaining of prolonged symptoms which is described as Long COVID Syndrome. The impact of Long COVID is increasingly recognized among healthcare providers but the risk factors of developing the condition are poorly characterized. This dashboard helps in the need to identify, investigate and analyze the clinical data of COVID “Long Haulers” in order to: identify the patient groups who are at risk of developing the syndrome, capitalize on Long COVID big data with statistical and predictive analysis of the medical laboratory tests and syndrome outcomes. It also helps the researchers to understand the impact of comorbidities of developing and having the persistent symptoms among the patients

Vaccine Effectiveness Dashboard 
Research study: the vaccine effectiveness refers to how well the administered vaccines perform in real-world cases with a variety of uncontrolled factors. Thus, this dashboard is to assess and better understand COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness (VE) using an observational study design. It enables researchers and experts to observe how vaccines are actually effective in preventing hospital admission, Critical unit (ICU) admission, and deaths. Moreover, It helps to differentiate between the vaccine types in preventing the severe disease. Also, the patients who received different vaccine types, the dashboard helps to understand if mixing vaccines would offer better immunity against the infection. Finally, how the vaccines are reducing the impact of the infection in patients with different chronic diseases

Disease Registries “Diabetes” 
Disease registries bring together data to evaluate longitudinal outcomes, best practices, treatment guidelines, and to support research and therapeutic development. It broadly focus across entire patient populations of Emirate of Abu Dhabi and spans specific diseases, conditions, and aim to capture the health, well-being, diagnostic, treatment, and outcome data for every patient within Abu Dhabi population

Government Health Platform
This initiative started with the beginning of the pandemic that has resulted in changes to the working arrangements of many of Abu Dhabi government employees and a decisions has been made on how to promote employees’ health that needs to be based on the best available evidence to optimize worker outcomes. Department of Health (DOH) has embarked on a journey to create the Employee Health Status System (EHSS); a platform that provides the current COVID-19 data of Abu Dhabi government employees. The platform is only available for local government entities that connected LIVE to database having government entity name, function/section details, employee information. The data privacy, access, authentication features are embedded so that only relevant entities can access their respective employee data. Phase 2 of this project is in collaboration with Department of Government Support to capitalize on the use and benefits of the platform to focus on the Abu Dhabi government employees health status in a wider scale for a healthy and safe Abu Dhabi

Pandemic Response Platform
The pandemic response platform will be developed in a phase-out manner. For phase 1, we are looking at the below use cases:

  • Syndromic Surveillance 
  • Intelligent Social Media Surveillance 
  • Case Management 
  • Contact Tracing 
  • Vaccine Management 
  • Outbreak Management

COVID-19 Epidemiological Forecasting Model “Omicron” 
COVID-19 Epidemiological Forecasting Model “Omicron . This dashboard consists of the current projections along with the future predictions based on the created model for the Omicron Variant cases in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The output data is displayed in 4 graphs namely:

  • New Cases: Number of new cases per day
  • Hospitalizations: Number of hospital beds needed for COVID-19. patients at any given time including ICU Beds
  • Critical Cases: Number of critical beds needed for COVID-19 patients at any given time
  • Deaths: Number of critical beds needed for COVID-19 patients at any given time

Additionally, four factors are created in the tool which showcases the output of the prediction based on “Infectiousness Increase for the Omicron Variant”, “Loss of Immunity due to the Omicron Variant”, “Change of Severity for the Omicron Variant”, Visitors Infection Rate”

Virtual Care Platform
It is an open but regulated platform that integrates with key healthcare stakeholders and existing and future DOH assets, including the analytics platform. One Emirate-wide platform will enable a well-regulated virtual care market that increases access to lower cost, higher quality care and promotes innovation and public health in Abu Dhabi. The Platform enables emirate-wide virtual care for all patients with a variety of providers onboarded onto the platform to make it easy for patients to connect with their primary care and regular care providers. The platform is also augmented by a powerful AI-enabled symptom checker than can facilitate and guide care through the patient's virtual journey. Care has never been made easier and seamless in Abu Dhabi; the platform is scalable to accommodate innovations across the healthcare ecosystem

MEHub Platform 
The first cognitive Continuous medical education platform that will attract local and global medical education providers to curate bespoke CME courses for healthcare professionals in Abu Dhabi and beyond. A platform for the healthcare professionals and learners of Abu Dhabi (and beyond), committed to giving them access to world-class healthcare education, resources and opportunities for professional development 

AI Enabled Pandemic Manual
This manual is a collaboration between DoH and Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre aiming to overlook all practices that have been taken and tools that have been developed in the region whether from a digital perspective, presentations, procedures and/ or governance. These practices were then put into the pandemic manual to enable the emergency response teams to take vast actions and immediate response in case of a future hit of a pandemic as well as improving the current pandemic issue into a continuous learning process. 
Nevertheless, this manual was developed after a thorough observation of around 20 countries around the world aiming to reflect upon their call to action, their response level to the pandemic and how they reacted and dealt with this overall emergency case in terms of both successful and non-successful practices. 
The manual is a record and tool for the world that will enable the immediate response to any pandemic within 60 percent of the actions needed. Developed in both a physical plan and the digital format. However, the AI enabled format is an automated response depending on the level of pandemic situation. The AI feature will activate these actions in order to make this response more automated and less operator-dependent. 

Digital Birth Certificate
The Department of Health Abu Dhabi is undertaking the digital government transformation and providing its services digitally to the community of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi thus by issuing a digital birth certificate and canceling previous paper forms. The digital form of the certificate is distinguished by its inclusion of all the data shown on the paper certificate by reading it directly in the database. 

By doing so, DoH is completing its first digital service, ensuring to deliver government services more efficiently, transparently and cost effective to improve user experience in obtaining DoH services. 
The requestor can now benefit from Issuing new birth certificate fully digitalized and integrated with concerned entities and the authenticity of the digital certificate can be verified through the certificate’s barcode scanning technique or through the electronic link listed in the certificate.

Malaffi – Demo of Image Exchange
Even though reports from radiology investigations are available in Malaffi, the radiology images were not part of the original data scope. The feedback of the providers community has clearly indicated that users see value in having access to the images such as X-rays, CT scans and other. The Malaffi team embarked into this integration. The image exchange solution is a very unique feature that very few HIEs globally boast. With zero-footprint imaging viewer integrated with Malaffi for physician access, it enables the displaying of patient images side by side. Apart from the image viewer, this demo will present the expanded scope of the Malaffi Provider Portal that now also includes clinical documents, vital signs and vaccination records as rich data sources that enable a holistic view of the patient record, for more efficient and safer clinical decisions. The demo will present a test patient with info on all data points. 

Malaffi – Data Quality Dashboard Demo
The need to standardize workflows and improve the quality of provider captured data is a basic premise to enabling the use of technology to improve and transform healthcare as a strategic initiative of the Department of Health Abu Dhabi. 
The COVID-19 pandemic was an opportunity to expedite the introduction of data and interoperability standards and develop supporting processes to monitor and improve data quality. This demo will present the output of a repeatable process for analyzing and remediating data quality issues including data analysis, defining standards and validation rules, monitoring and reporting and providing feedback to support the remediation of the data.

Estijaba Platform (Video)
The Center of Emergency Preparedness and Response (CEPAR), as part of Department of Health Abu Dhabi (DOH), has launched an advanced and unique system based on critical healthcare resources automation and integration known as ‘Estijabah Platform’ in 2019.  The platform was developed to manage the day to day manual collecting of important information related to the Healthcare Sector Resources via. emails, landline, and faxes every 4-6 hours. Additionally, there was a need to electronically manage the daily communication across all involved stakeholders to maintain up to date real life information and data.  The Estijaba platform was developed with the aim of managing all emergency operation activities, including live monitoring of healthcare sector resources across all the Emirate of Abu Dhabi as well as acting as two-way communication and early warning system. Additionally, the platform serves as an important tool to provide the necessary information to decision makers, allowing them to effectively manage the crisis. The Platform was initially piloted to cover the events of the Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi, and it has proven its success and effectiveness, in tracking all the details of the sick cases. It consists of several different modules, which in turn help organize and monitor the many critical areas within the local healthcare sector. Furthermore, the Estijaba platform has been used effectively and efficiently during the COVID-19 Pandemic to collect and analyze information and data related to active cases as well as assisting in the prevention efforts. The Platform is considered the first of its kind in the Middle East, where it enhances the readiness of the Emirate's Healthcare Sector to deal with emergencies and crises thereby ensuring continuity of care. It is benchmarked to WebEOC, which is the world’s most widely-used, battle-tested emergency management software in the industry.

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