The Department of Health Abu Dhabi is pleased to announce the successful completion of the TANSEEQ 2020, residency match process and herewith we are publishing the list of matched Fellows/ Medical Residents/ Dental Residents/ Pharmacy Residents and interns to the various specialties and hospitals across Abu Dhabi. To view the results Click Here


Abu Dhabi Healthcare Innovation Program – TIP

Innovation is fundamental to the growth and development of industries and economies worldwide. In the healthcare sector, research is also of paramount importance to innovation. Research can itself be innovative and ground-breaking or supportive to other innovative developments. This explains why innovation and research are key goals for the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH).

Our aim is to establish Abu Dhabi as a hub for medical research and innovation, and we have already taken several steps towards this goal by: Aligning and strategizing with partners including Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (DED), research bodies, healthcare providers and other parties involved in the healthcare sector in Abu Dhabi with the goal of creating an innovation and research network.

Working with DED’s Takamul program, which promotes and supports innovation.

Collaborating with Abu Dhabi Global Market to create a Healthcare Innovation Center that is legally regulated and offers training, education, office/research space, advisory support programs and financial or investment advice.

Establishing TIP Healthcare Innovation Awards: The inaugural awards in 2018 resulted in over 100 successful research applications and over 50 promising patents and business concepts.

Department of Health has launched recently the second edition of the Technology Innovation Pioneer (TIP) healthcare awards and healthcare challenges, this edition features the first TIP Junior award for young innovators.

The second edition is centred on tackling two main healthcare challenges: developing smart innovations to aid patients with special needs and help them overcome disabilities; and the handling of large healthcare data to keep up with the fast IT revolution that the world has witnessed over the past two decades.

The TIP Junior includes challenges for contestants from secondary school students (cycle 2 and 3 or grade 7 to 12) in Abu Dhabi’s public and private schools aimed at engaging school students in the development of innovative solutions for common healthcare concerns among them. For the upcoming edition the focus will be on obesity, encouraging students to provide innovative solutions dedicated to its reduction.

For more information or to register, please visit http://tip.gov.ae/awards/tip-healthcare-overview/

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